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Top 25 Electropop, Dreampop, and Indiepop albums of 2012

The album – not a random offering of singles, but a piece of art that should be enjoyed in one go, from start to finish. Anyone who says the album is dead should trash their iPod and buy a record player. (Subscribe to this playlist on Spotify.)

Here we go…


#25 | Savoir Adore – “Our Nature”
This Brooklyn band dubbed themselves “fantasy rock”. You had me at “fantasy”.
Favorite Tracks: Loveliest Creature, Dreamers


#24 | Niki & The Dove – “Instinct”
Swedes are the kings and queens of indie electronica.
Favorite Tracks: Tomorrow, In Our Eyes


#23 | Baby Monster – “City of Lovers”
Electropop with some soul.
Favorite Tracks: City of Lovers, The Music’s So Loud


#22 | White Blush – “White Blush EP”
Dreamy electronic sounds from LA.
Favorite Tracks: Mirror, Jolene


#21 | The Pass – “Melt”
Synthy indie rock that reminds me of MGMT.
Favorite Tracks: Halo, Will You Wait


#20 | Tokyo Denmark Sweden – “Tokyo Denmark Sweden”
Electrpop trio from Australia.
Favorite Tracks: Comets, When it Breaks


#19 | Tanlines – “Mixed Emotions”
Emotional electronic pop music.
Favorite Tracks: Brothers, All of Me


#18 | Craft Spells – “Gallery EP”
Some very catchy chillwave from San Francisco.
Favorite Tracks: Still Left with Me, Leave My Shadow


#17 | Labyrinth Ear – “Apparitions EP”
Some hard electronic beats and haunting vocals.
Favorite Tracks: Humble Bones, Goya


#16 | Santigold – “Master of Make-Believe”
If the 80’s and Reggae collided.
Favorite Tracks: Disparate Youth, The Keepers


#15 | Solange – “True”
Anything produced by Dev Haynes of Blood Orange is pure gold.
Favorite Tracks: Losing You, Bad Girls


#14 | Purity Ring – “Shrines”
Could be the hottest new electronic band in 2012.
Favorite Tracks: Fineshrine, Ungirthed, Lofticries


#13 | Stars – “The North”
A whole album of solid fun indiepop.
Favorite Tracks: The Theory of Relativity, Hold on when you get love, Backlines


#12 | Beat Connection – “The Palace Garden”
Similar to Stars, another solid album of indiepop.
Favorite Tracks: Further Out, Palace Garden 4am, Think Feel


#11 | Chairlift – “Something”
All that energy from the 80’s.
Favorite Tracks: I Belong in your Arms, Take It Out on Me, Wrong Opinion


#10 | Southern Shores – “Atlantic EP”
Some Ibiza-inspired dancepop.
Favorite Tracks: Antibo, Grande Comore, Night is Young


#9 | Haim – “Forever EP” + “Don’t Save Me”
Three sisters from California sing pop songs you’re guaranteed to enjoy.
Favorite Tracks: Don’t Save Me, Send Me Down, Forever


#8 | iamamiwhoami – “kin”
The most mysterious electronic act of 2012.
Favorite Tracks: Play, Kill, Sever


#7 | The Royalty – “Lovers”
The most underappreciated LP from 2012. Everyone should be listening to these Texas indierockers.
Favorite Tracks: How I Like’em, I Want You, Other Boys


#6 | Twin Shadow – “Confess”
An entire album of epic tracks.
Favorite Tracks: You Call Me On, Five Seconds, Beg for the Night


#5 | MNDR – “Feed Me Diamonds”
Addictive dancepop at its finest.
Favorite Tracks: #1 in Heaven, Feed Me Diamonds, Faster Horses


#4 | Beach House – “Myth”
This dreampop album is more like one giant feeling than a collection of singles.
Favorite Tracks: Myth, Other People, Wishes


#3 | POLICA – “Give You The Ghost”
Unlike anything you’ve ever heard.
Favorite Tracks: Amongster, Lay Your Cards Out, Wandering Star


#2 | Pure Bathing Culture – “Pure Bathing Culture EP”
The dreamy soundtrack to a lazy summer day outdoors.
Favorite Tracks: Lucky One, Silver Shore’s Lake, Ivory Coast


#1 | Tennis – “Young & Old”
Lo-fi and retro, this Denver band will transport you to a California beach in the 60’s.
Favorite Tracks: Never to Part, Deep in the Woods, My Better Self



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