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The Top 10 Workaholics episodes

Comedy Central’s Workaholics could be the funniest show on TV right now, and definitely doesn’t get the respect it deserves from us comedy nerds. (Probably because it doesn’t involve Louis CK)

Starring three guys we’ll be hearing about for decades, and surrounded by one of the best supporting casts ever, Workaholics is a swirly of pot humor, drunken behavior, college antics, childhood memories, cubicle culture, smart jokes and dick jokes. Lots of dick jokes. Smart dick jokes.

With only a handful of callbacks, you can dive into this show anywhere. But here’s the top 10 places to start.

#10 | s01e02 | “We Be Ballin”

The supporting cast ensures no dull moments. Their ambiguously black-latino colleague, Montez (Erik Griffin, pictured below), always steals the scene.


#9 | s01e05 | “Checkpoint Gnarly”

Busted checking out porn in the workplace.


#8 | s01e01 | “Piss & Shit”

Not sure if this is technically the pilot or not, but a great episode to start. Surprise drug test at work and the guys need to buy clean piss from elementary schoolers.


#7 | s02e08 | “Karl’s Wedding”

All three stars come from college comedy troupe Mail Order Comedy. The fourth member is Workaholics writer-director and supporting-cast-member-drug-dealer Kyle Newacheck. Today he’s getting married.


#6 | s02e03 | “Temp-Tress”

Masturbation isn’t allowed in the office. But parking lots are cool. Lots of dick jokes in this one. Smart dick jokes.


#5 | s02e05 | “Old Man Ders”

Anders is feeling depressed about being 25, so the boys steal a car and get drunk with strippers at a black Chuck E. Cheese before noon.


#4 | s02e01 | “Hoist School”

The guys face their biggest childhood fears when they’re forced to go undercover at a local high school.


#3 | s03e08 | “Real Time”

Anders has a very rare obsessive compulse disorder: Holding phones. The one pictured below is about twelve fluid ounces, give or take.


#2 | s03e01 | “The Business Trip”

The guys drop acid with their boss during a business trip. Hilarity ensues.


#1 | s02e02 | “Dry Guys”

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz stars as the boys’ HR rep and substance abuse counselor. “I…am….Adam.”


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  • Brad

    No Office Campout?!

    • youaregoodandfine

      I am late on this comment, but Office Campout is for sure the best episode.

  • chuck

    uh the friend a predator is probably the best episode made and its not even on the list. come on.

  • Kate

    What? No Topher?!

  • Zoe

    business trip for sure takes the cake

  • boomkin

    Hedonism II, Office Campout, like em both

  • Chubacabraj

    time chair
    that go-kart scene kills me! lol

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