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Top 10 Albums from first half of 2012

Instead of humor, how about some music snobbery. After finally graduating from trance and house music, I’ve found my home with indie, electropop, synthpop, dreampop, futurepop, retropop, and all sorts of likeminded snobby music genres. So if you’re still upset the 80’s are over, here are the top 10 albums from the first half of 2012…

10) Best Coast – The Only Place (Spotify)
Calfornian girlband pop. It’ll make you smile.


9) Santigold – Master of My Make-Believe (Spotify)
80’s new wave meets dancehall reggae for a very distinctive, unique sound. 7/10


8) New Look – New Look (2012 US Release)
Moody, downtempo futurepop with strong female vocals. 7/10


7) Beach House – Bloom (Spotify)
Much-acclaimed dreamy dreamlike dreampop. And they’re Baltimore-based! 7/10


6) Grimes – Visions (Spotify)
Imagine how Bjork sang as an infant, then mix that with catchy, dancey, layered analog synths. 7/10


5) Chairlift – Something (Spotify)
All that passion from the 80’s pop music in the modern era. 8/10


4) Craft Spells – Gallery (EP) (Spotify)
Think Joy Division meets The Cure meets late 80’s and early 90’s new wave meets awesomeness. 8/10


3) iamamiwhoami – kin (Spotify)
The haunting vocals of Jonna Lee and swirling synths of Claes Bjorklund form this mysterious Swedish “multimedia project”. 8/10


2) The Royalty – Lovers (Spotify)
Surfpop girlband sounds with a Texas twang, The Royalty will urge you to pop the top and cruise down the California coast. 9/10


1) Tennis – Young & Old (Spotify)
If your parents blared doo-wop vinyl every Saturday morning during house chores, you’ll fall in love with this married couple’s innocent retropop hooks. 10/10


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