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The 3 Funniest Books of 2011

No not my funniest books of 2011, the funniest books of 2011. Cause I read every funny book in 2011. All four of them…

#3 “God, If You’re Up There, I’m Fucked” by Darrell Hammond
Guess which SNL cast member was abused as a child, smoked crack, and cut themselves. If you guessed Darrell Hammond, you’re an asshole. A brutally honest look into one of America’s best impressionists.


#2 “Bossypants” by Tina Fey
Memoir’s usually suck. Even from ex-SNL cast members. This was the complete opposite. There’s no reason you shouldn’t have already read this.


#1 “Your Wildest Dreams, Within Reason” by Mike Sacks
A collection of hysterical short pieces from one of my favorite humorists, and honestly, one of my inspirations for writing this blog.


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