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Area Man Has Enthusiastic Conversation With Starbucks



REDWOOD CITY, CA – With a new sense of purpose and increased zest for life, area man Phil Schwarzmann has been engaged in an enthusiastic conversation with, what he assumes is, Seattle-based Starbucks. Taking place over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and as of yesterday, Pinterest, sources say Phil has been in regular contact with the brand for several days.

Phil’s online relationship began with the coffee company after he tweeted to his 27 followers about a pleasurable experience he was having with a Starbucks grande skim milk latte.

“I grabbed a latte from my local Starbucks and enjoyed it so much I though I’d tweet about it,” explains the 34-year old marketing director. “I’ve been wanting to tweet something, anything, for several days and this was just perfect.”

Within minutes Starbucks replied to Phil’s tweet with, “Sounds delicious! Have you tired our new Cinnamon Dolce Crème Frappuccino® Blended Beverage? :)”

Having not tried the beverage Schwarzmann couldn’t pass up a personalized recommendation from the smiley-faced corporation and quickly ordered the flavored drink.

At press time Phil and Starbucks have collectively shared 65 tweets, 15 Facebook comments, 11 Instagram photos, a recommendation for a wasabi-infused iced coffee as well as feedback on several of their Bay Area chains’ bathrooms.


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