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Phil Schwarzmann

I'm a writer, stand-up comic, and author of “How to Marry a Finnish Girl” (Gummerus Publishers, 2011). Better! Funner! is where I write. Poorly. More of my jibber-jabber at:

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Phil’s debut humor book, “How to Marry a Finnish Girl” is out now on Gummerus Publishers.

  • If only those $3,299 MasterClass's would have a SALE!
  • We deserve a President who supports ESFJ rights!!
  • April Fool's Day has been postponed to September 1st. Don't spread the word.
  • We're currently living inside a Morrissey song.
  • I get all messed up with daylight saving's time and time zones. I don't know if it's PST or PDT, but I know it gives me a PTSD.
  • You know all the girls getting together on video chat when you hear the crack of a Truly followed by your girlfrien…

About Better! Funner!


Better! Funner! is a blog written and curated by Phil Schwarzmann. You’ll find funny original pieces, some not-so-funny pieces, plus stuff that made Phil laugh from around them internets. Enjoy!