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Top 50 Electropop, Dreampop, and Indie Tracks of 2012

Electropop, dreampop, indiepop, dancepop, cheesepop, synthpop, 80’s revival, new new wave, new new romantics, electric music for adults, music that sounds great with a glass of wine on a couch in a loft…this is what I’m into, and 2012 was a great year for my obsession.

Here’s my Top 50 tracks of 2012… (Subscribe to the Spotify playlist)


#50 – San Francisco’s chillwave hero.

#49 – Disturbing vocals about wanting to be a cripple. Fortunately much of it is in French.

#48 – Californians loves hearing other Californians sing about California.

#47 – Swirly synthpop.

#46 – Synths, drum machines…and heavy electric guitars. Rock.

#45 – None of the band members are from Tokyo, Denmark, nor Sweden.

#44 – Great follow-up to their 2010 hit “A Real Hero” you probably heard from the movie “Drive”.

#43 – Drifting in and out, describes the sound perfectly.

#42 – Bleeps and bass. It’s SWEET.

#41 – More bands from “Drive”. More bone-shaking analogue synths.

#40 – Two Swedish chicks yelling in unison to dancepop. I love it.

#39 – Beyonce Knowles’ sister teams up with Dev Haynes AKA Blood Orange. Anyone who teams up with Dev Haynes produces something fantastic.

#38 – If they would cut this track down from 12 minutes to 6, I’ve love it even more.

#37 – Sounds like MGMT with a female singer. That’s a good thing.

#36 – Kinda reminds me of Kings of Leon, though they call themselves psychedelic synthpop.

#35 – Brooklyn-via-Oakland MNDR sings club hits from the late 90’s.

#34 – Upbeat Texas indiepop rockers. I randomly chose a track here as their entire album is phenomenal.

#33 – Reminds me of all that mellow progressive 90’s rock I loved as a teenager.

#32 – Finally a male singer on the list.

#31 – Haunting female vocals meets brash electronic sounds.

#30 – Your heart will start racing when that bass kicks in.

#29 – This is a big slice of cheesy dancepop, but a super unique sound.

#28 – I’m pretty sure Swedes are born with keyboards in their hands. These experimental-ish electrpoppers make electronic unique again.

#27 – The one electropop track everyone will love.

#26 – The singer is like 12-years old, but the dancepop sound is very mature.

#25 – The hottest unsigned Scottish band you’ve never heard of.

#24 – Retropop that sounds best sipping wine on a sailboat.

#23 – Swedes, are there anything they can’t do?

#22 – Pop music infused with reggae beats.

#21 – These futurepoppers definitely have their own sound.

#20 – Warm and chill.

#19 – Dreamy dreampop from my hometown.

#18 – Finally more male vocals. Classic indiepop.

#17 – English indierockers.

#16 – Three sisters from Southern California make 80’s-inspired pop.

#15 – All the fun of the 80’s, in the 10’s.

#14 – 50% New Order and 50% Joy Division but 100% San Francisco chillwave.

#13 – Someone put this one a movie soundtrack. Something starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

#12 – This is what I think Africa sounds like on a good day.

#11 – Heavenly afternoon drinking music.

#10 – If you don’t love this track, you’re full of hate.

#9 – Bubbly theme song to a fairy tale.

#8 – If you love Grimes and Purity Ring you’ll love these young vocals and crushing synths.

#7 – It’s impossible to listen to this 80’s-inspired pop song without smiling and/or dancing.

#6 – Just haunting.

#5 – They have two drummers and an amazing singer.


#4 – The most mysterious band of 2012. Sorry, not a band, but an “audio-visual experience” or something.


#3 – If you love 50’s and 60’s surfrock, you’ll love Denver-based Tennis.


#2 – Just an epic tune that feels more like a short story.


#1 – As a member of the Pure Bathing Cult, I can’t get enough of this track. I’d call it dreampop, but they’ve really invented their own genre.



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