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Top 10 Board Games to buy when you’re drunk at Target

I’ve played 500+ board and card games and owned around 300. I’m a little obsessed with board games. Point being: I know what I’m talking about!! Listen to me about this!! I know very little about anything, but board games are an exception.

Having a house party? Need some entertainment? Nothing is better than board games and alcohol. Good games, not Monopoly. Or Rock Band. When you’re stumbling around Target or Walmart, here’s ten games guaranteed to keep your guests drinking your wine until 4am…

10. Hey That’s My Fish

Dead simple rules, quick play, and perfect for 2-4 players. Move your penguins around the ice collecting fish!


9. Pit

The loudest game you’ll ever play, and works well with up to 8 players. Try to collect a full set of cards by yelling, err, trading with others.


8. Carcassonne (or any of the Carcassonne variants)

The most beautiful game you’ll ever play. Build a map, then play on it.


7. Scattergories

A classic. Pick a letter, then come up with words that begin with that letter. May start some fights when other players reject your pathetic answers.


6. Dixit

2010 Game of the Year and rightfully so. Players take turn as storytellers, while other players guess which card best matches their story.


5. Apples to Apples

One player plays an “adjective” then others choose which “noun” best matches the adjective. Dead simple. Hilarity for up to 8 players.


4. Wits & Wagers

Where trivia meets betting. Works well for many players.


3. Guesstures

A team game that perfects Charades.


2. Dominion

A game with endless possibilities. The most strategic out of the bunch, but definitely the most addictive. You’ve been warned.


1. Liar’s Dice (sometimes called Perudo or Bluff)

My favorite party game of all time. Think you can bluff your friends?


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