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My Top 10 Apple iOS6 Maps jokes

Consumers and the media love to hate Apple, especially when they screw up, like they did with the release of Maps for iOS6. Few have tried it, but that doesn’t stop us from trashing it. So I took to Twitter (@philschwarzmann) this morning to write some iOS6 Maps jokes. Here’s my Top 10…



London looks like complete crap in iOS6 Maps!! They finally got that right.



Found the problem: iOS6 Maps’ “Earthquake Simulation Mode” default setting is ‘ON’.


#8 proclaims: “Beautifully designed from the ground up, iOS6 Maps changes the way you see all 37 states.”



Apple removed street view from iOS6 Maps because they were too scared to drive through East Baltimore.



I searched for “New Orleans” on iOS6 Maps and got another blue screen of death.



I failed my high school geography exam because I cheated and used iOS6 Maps.



All the buildings and streets of Japan are gone on iOS6 Maps!! Or maybe they’re using maps from August 6, 1945.



I only wish the 9/11 terrorists were using iOS6 Maps.



I was using iOS6 Maps and Siri told me to stop and ask for directions.



Apple called me. Said not to bother applying for anymore jobs at their company.


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  • It kept bugging me, so I FINALLY updated my iOS. My favorite new feature? It STOPS FUCKING BUGGING me to update my iOS.
  • Metric-system lovers: Hate that 12 inches = 1 foot? Well how many months are in a year? How many hours on a clock? DONUTS IN A DOZEN!?!
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  • My dentist spent hour convincing me to switch to an electric toothbrush. Then on my way out, gives me a regular toothbrush.
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