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The Top 20 Films of 2011

I’ve seen 48 films from 2011, here’s my Top 20. Starting down low and going up…


20. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
Not sure this was necessary after the excellent Swedish film. And Noomi Rapace was a better Lisbeth than Mara Rooney.


19. Hall Pass
Jason Sudeikis + Owen Wilson + Stephen Merchant + The Farrelly Brothers = This was funny. But definitely could have been more funner.


18. Unknown
Liam Neeson recreates the same ass-kicking excitement from “Taken”.


17. Paradise Lost 3
The final saga of documentary that begin 15 years ago.


16. We Need to Talk about Kevin
Tilda Swindon deserved an Oscar nomination.


15. The Lincoln Lawyer
An all-around fun movie.


14. Moneyball
Who doesn’t love a sports movie and Brad Pitt?? Sad it’s the last film of fat Jonah Hill.


13. The Help
Film that makes you feel warm like biscuits and gravy.


12. The Descendents
A flawless film, but missing that wildcard-factor.


11. Like Crazy
A love story across oceans, and hidden gem of 2011.


10. Hanna
Another forgotten film of 2011, and some of the best action this year.


9. Midnight in Paris
Anyone who considers themselves a “writer” will love this.


8. Young Adult
A hysterical dark comedy. Theron deserved an Oscar nod, as did Patton Oswalt for his supporting role.


7. Senna
The documentary of the year. A shame Americans don’t know anything about F1.


6. The Artist
Dujardin and Bejo are the fun couple of 2011. The supporting cast kept every second of this exciting.


5. Bridesmaids
The laugh riot of 2011. But a very American-style comedy (Brits will hate it).


4. Another Earth
The hidden gem of 2011. A fascinating sci-fi love story. Something Philip K. Dick could have written.


3. Source Code
The sci-fi thriller of 2011 that every seemed to have forgotten.


2. Melancholia
At the conclusion of Melancholia, the entire movie theater sat still in silence for a long two minutes, just in awe of the experience. Unreal.


1. Drive
Thoughts of Drive still give me chills. I want to be the godfather of Gosling and Mulligan’s babies. I could listen to the Drive soundtrack forever – College’s “A Real Hero” is hauntingly beautiful. Albert Brooks deserves the Oscar for his supporting role. A modern day classic.


UPDATE: “Perfect Sense” should be included, maybe at #6. “Cedar Rapids” would be at #15.

(Acclaimed films from 2011 I’ve yet to see: Albert Nobbs, A Better Life, Undefeated, War Horse, Rango, The Skin I Live In)


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