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You won’t get my business with names like this

I left the United States almost ten years ago, and now that I’ve returned I feel like a confused foreigner. A lot of new stores have popped up that I don’t recognize. Like this store: “EXIT ONLY”. And their company slogan: “DO NOT ENTER”.

Sheesh, the U.S. businesses have gotten mean – that Ralph Nader is right! Not very inviting as their tagline, “DO NOT ENTER”, almost shouts to you in ALL CAPS (even with that font’s fancy serifs). No wonder everyone orders things online nowadays.

I remember seeing this store as a kid. My parents told me it was the toy store, but I was too afraid to enter.

Maybe I was just in a bad neighborhood in San Francisco? Everyone knows San Francisco’s LGBT community is around 90-95%, so with a name like “EXIT ONLY”, I assume this is some sort of “straights-only” club catering to the straight minority. I think I’ll pass.

But there’s clearly plenty of parking, so that’s nice.


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