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Top 10 Comedy Albums of 2011

The comedy album in 2011 is purely a niche North American artform (why no albums, UK?). With the popularity of TV specials and DVD’s, it often seems the only people listening to comedy albums are other comics. A shame because every year turns out a slew of comedic gems. Here’s my ten favorite…


10. Kurt Metzger – Talks to Young People about Sex (Comedy Central Records) [Spotify]
Your kids should listen to this album instead of attending Home Economics class.


9. Louis CK – Hilarious (Comedy Central Records) [Spotify]
Hilarious is an understatement.


8. Pete Holmes – Impregnated with Wonder (Comedy Central Records) [Spotify]
As if it’s even possible, Pete’s new podcast “You Made it Weird” is even better than his album.


7. Patton Oswalt – Finest Hour (Comedy Central Records) [Spotify]
I could listen to Patton Oswalt tell stories all day.


6. Doug Stanhope – Burning the Bridge to Nowhere: Live in Oslo (Roadrunner Records) [Spotify]
Doug gets less political and more funny.


5. Amy Schumer – Cutting (Comedy Central Records) [Spotify]
Amy is a lethal joke writer.


4. Marc Maron – This Has to be Funny (Comedy Central Records) [Spotify]
This is his best album. Marc Maron is God. ‘Nough said.


3. Natasha Leggero – Coke Money (Comedy Central Records) [Spotify]
Last Comic Standing made her out to be Paul Abdul. This album and her live performances make her out to be awesome.


2. Tig Notaro – Good One (Simply Canadian) [Spotify]
I’ll be enjoying this album 20 years from now. (Then I’ll burn it)


1. Rory Scovel – Dilation (Stand Up! Records) [Spotify]
I’ve memorized this album. Which is weird cause Rory never does the a set the same way twice.


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