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Compliments friends and family give me about my comedy

Friends and family offer unsolicited feedback for their creative loved ones. I wish Verizon have a special phone plan where I can call them all for free to thank them. Here’s some encouraging messages…

  • “Hey, how’s the big stand-up comedy star doing??”
  • “That was a great set! You killed! But I didn’t get that one joke. Everyone else was laughing, but I didn’t get it.”
  • “You’re really getting better!”
  • “What do you do when no one laughs?”
  • “I really love your tweets. But they’re not ALL funny.”
  • “You really have a lot of time on your hands!”
  • “You know who was really funny? That guy who went last. He was my favorite.”
  • “How would describe your comedy style? Is it like Seinfeld? I really like George Carlin.”
  • “I tried stand-up once.”
  • “Here’s something for your stand-up comedy…”
  • “You must get lots of ideas for your stand-up from this conversation!”
  • “You can use that!”
  • “I don’t like it when comics are dirty. Why do they need to say that??”
  • “You still doing stand-up?”
  • “You’re very brave. I could never get up there.”
  • “So you’re a stand-up comedian, eh? Tell us a joke.”
  • “I could do stand-up, but I don’t want to.”
  • “You kept playing with the mic stand.”
  • “You know who should be doing stand-up? This guy I know. He’s hilarious. You should meet him. You two would get along.”
  • “Try holding the mic closer to your mouth.”
  • “That’s it! I’ve had it. Rape isn’t funny. I had a friend who was rapped. I’m leaving you from Facebook!”
  • “Try holding the mic further away from your mouth.”
  • “Since I’m a comic, here’s some advice: Do that joke more like how I’d do it. Let me show you…”

    What else am I missing?  

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